On Tara, crystals are the main source of energy. They power lights, cars, factories—or at least they used to, until what came to be know as “The Uprising” changed everything. During the first night, or, The First wave, all the crystals shattered and from those shards formed gigantic crystals soldiers. One touch and the unfortunate person turns crystal and shatters. When dawn came, most of humanity had disappeared into the night, along with all the energy crystals.

In a small town called Sanra, a young girl named Elin the only one left. Several months after the catastrophe Elin meets Keira, a younger girl with the strange ability to shape the energy from her crystal necklace. After some convincing, Elin decides to join Keira in her quest to reverse the Crystal Uprising. As they travel across the world they must deal with crystal monsters and find out the truth about their planet and their people.