Xantara is an fantasy adventure comic about a world where people are using crystals as an energy source. Until, one day, all the crystals shatter and turn into dark monsters. The story is centered around Elin, who is the last person remaining in her town. Several months after the catastrophe Elin meets Keira, a younger girl with the strange ability to shape the energy from her crystal necklace. After some convincing, Elin decides to join Keira in her quest to reverse the Crystal Uprising. As they travel across the world they must deal with crystal monsters and find out the truth about their planet and their people.


XANTARA has been in the works since June 2013, and began publishing on March 06, 2014. So far, there are three finished chapters and the fourth is currently updating every Friday. The next game is slated to release mid-September. Each chapter has a short game that furthers the plot and is an integral part of the story. The game picks up where the story lets off and has cutscenes that help string everything together. There are details in the comic that will help a reader understand the games, and vice versa. The games are designed to be as accessible as possible, with the goal of each one being to complete a task and further the story.

I started the project as a solo effort, but over the years have been helped along by the generosity of friends and mentors. During my last year at Pratt Institute, I incorporated XANTARA as a senior thesis and received invaluable critique and support from professors and peers. Upon graduation, I got help with coding and game design from members of the NYC game industry and companies like Playcrafting and Code Liberation. As the project gets off the ground, I’m bringing more people on board to help with music production and voice acting, and hope to make something really special for everyone to enjoy.

– – – – –

XANTARA began as an idea for a story that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, whether to make a movie, or show, or a graphic novel. I had always enjoyed experiencing a story through a video game, which is interactive and includes a certain degree of freedom. I decided to use the webcomic format as a vehicle for telling the story and developing ideas and characters because it was the only creator-owned option available. It would make this idea a physical thing and live beyond just concept art and sketches. Months into developing the idea and comic, I went to a panel and came to the realization that indie games were a thing. A thing made very possible to do by one person because of programs like Construct 2. And thus this strange comic-game Frankenstein was born!

Stay tuned!